One Handed Use Concept

Every year the size of the phones screens grow.

Large screens are cool but... The human hands have not changed much for the last 200 thousand years! Of course, if you're not the three-meter Yeti :)

So, it's time to think about usability!

Reach of thumb

We have created an interface in such a way that main controls are in close as possible to the center of the screen. Because the need to drag your finger to the far edges - very worsens ergonomics, and you can just drop your phone...


Allows you to conveniently control the basic functions of the app with one hand. Without the need to drag your finger to distant areas of the screen. Now there is no risk to break the fingers))


Easy UI navigation

3 master screens: Just swipe it sideways



Full control over the tracks being played

Tabs for opened playlists

To quickly view and switch playlists. Below tabs showed the number of tracks, time, and size of files for current tab.

Easily manage tracks

Tap to select, Drag & Drop to move in a queue, longtap to open context menu.

Pull-to-Sort feature

Pull down the list to quickly view current sorting and further to open sorting menu.

Disable tracks

Temporarily turn off the tracks that you don’t want to listen.



Convenient organization of your music

  • Folders support

  • Advanced sorting, independent for each section

  • Pull-to-Sort quick sorting feature

  • Simple selection work: add to playlist, delete, send files

  • Smart playlists: New...



Customize it to your taste.
Choose from presets or create your own.


Cool Swipe effects

With glass reflections



Adjust the sound as you like:

  • - switch presets or manual tuning
  • - 8 Band Equalizer
  • - preamplification
  • - bass and treble boost
  • - balance


Powerful widgets

For the first time - active progress bar in widgets! Now you can barely open the player itself.

- Homescreen, with rich appearance customization: small (4x1) and medium (4x2)

- Notification: time and progress bar, next track title, playlist name